COVID-19 - Opportunities for Digital Transformation

COVID-19 - Opportunities for Digital Transformation

Difficult times for merchants and SMEs

Corona hits many merchants and SMEs like a steam hammer. Entire industry branches have to forego all income at one stroke, which of course doesn't free from running costs. Many schools are also confronted with past failures - lag behind in terms of digitization and e-learning.

The corona virus keeps the economy and the whole world in suspense - and most of them are aware of their responsibilities and obey the rules. Many offices remain closed and companies are switching to home offices as far as possible. Many offices remain closed and companies are switching to work at home, if this is possible.

Right now you should take advantage of the painful forced break of the Corona crisis and make hardship a virtue.

  • Does your website convert?
  • Are you addressing the right target group?
  • Do you explain your products and services clearly?
  • Do you use the online potential?
  • Is your website still up to date?
  • Are you updating the content?
  • Do you take care of a maintenance contract?
  • Is your web design older than 2 years?

Use the mandatory pause to relaunch a brandnew website. Powered by UNAYXS.

Go ahead now!

Working From Home

In most cases, being able to work from home is beneficial for the employer and employee but also a good option for running an e-commerce business. Not only do you get to decide your own work hours, but you can also design your office space exactly as per your needs. more ...

Remote Working Tools

Finding the right tools for remote work in 2020 has suddenly become very important. Since UNAXYS has been working with many remote tools from the start, we had 25 years to test apps and tools and select our favorites. more ...

Diversity Management and New Work

The corona virus presents us all with new challenges, not only of a healthy nature. Now it is about breaking family structures and acquiring new ways of working together in creative processes. more ...

Digital Transformation And Why It Matters

Digital transformation seeks to improve customer experience through the use of digital technology and integrate it into all parts of a business to enable fundamental changes to operations that benefit employees, partners, and customers. more ...