Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Opportunities for Digitial Transformation

The new digital world of work came over night. No more workshops, no more meetings, not even a real job. Millions of employees are undergoing a digital transformation in high-speed mode. Before, many terms like collaboration tools were unfamiliar words. Digitization was a theoretical concept. Now, overnight, digital transformation is essential for survival.

What is Digital Transformation?

While the definition varies from one expert to another, we at UNAXYS have tried to make a simpler definition of digital transformation: Bringing content, insights and experience together to generate value.

Key Elements of Digital Transformation

  • Implementing SaaS based SMAC platforms (SaaS = Software as a Service | SMAC = Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)
  • Modernizing Legacy Platforms and Systems (Legacy Platforms = Established, historically grown Systems and Software)
  • Simplifying IT Application Landscape
  • Standardizing Infrastructure
  • Building Analytics capabilities
  • Bringing Consumerization of IT (Consumerization of IT is driven by employees who buy their own devices, use their own personal online service accounts, install their own applications and then connect to the corporate network with the device, often without the organization's knowledge or approval.)
  • Adopting Agile and Learn Fast Methodology

Smart companies now take advantage of the long-term opportunity this creates. Many employees have seen the advantages of a digital workplace for weeks. Many have internalized goal-oriented digital work in the home office. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity for SMEs and for many businesses, departments and teams.

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