Diversity Management and New Work

Diversity Management and New Work

Diversity Management

Diversity management is an equality policy concept that aims to properly manage diversity. Unmanaged, diversity can reduce productivity through tensions, conflicts and discrimination. Diversity management can be economically advantageous in many ways.

Managing properly means creating conditions under which all employees can and want to develop and develop their performance and willingness without restrictions and under which no one is excluded or discriminated against on the basis of certain characteristics, even in Corona times.

The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion with flexible working hours, heterogeneous teams etc. is more important than ever. With the help of diversity management, companies can:

  • Promote an understanding of target groups from other cultures
  • Ensure improvement in customer service
  • Drive innovative thinking in the company
  • Boost research and development
  • Optimize decision-making processes thanks to different perspectives
  • Establish new business relationships and partnerships, and open up new markets

The bottom line is this: diversity must remain firmly on the agenda on our businesses.

New Work

Contact restrictions to curb the crown pandemic have forced former rejects to embrace the new way of working. Managers now face a new situation: Employees demand more self-determination and personal responsibility: Teams need to be digitally managed these days, and much more self-determination will be left for this.

Reorganizing work with the good ideas of New Work by its inventor Frithjof Bergmann requires a new management style: remote work with agile teams, work from home, digital meetings and self-organized teams are just a few points on this topic.

Generation Y may have been the first to vehemently demand work on the go, from the home office or coworking spaces; now it has inevitably been established across the board.

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