UNAXYS. - Solutions and Services

Get the flexibility and expertise you expect from UNAXYS. with our featured solutions, designed to meet your needs at any stage with any budget for your online projects.

UX/UI Design

UNAXYS. provides UI/UX Designs and UI Development to create powerful, seamless experiences that help solve customers' problems and keep them engaged.

Content Management Systems

UNAXYS. develop complex multilingual, customized websites with Drupal, the most powerful Open Source Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is, by far, the most comfortable system for small and medium web projects.

Individual Software Solutions

The expansion, adaptation and optimization of existing Drupal modules and WordPress plugins as well as the development of new solutions and systems are also part of our area of responsibility.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

UNAXYS. create Result Focused Multi Channels Digital Marketing Campaigns with Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email and CRM Systems.

Analyzing and Reporting

With Analyzing and Reporting tools and clear KPI (Key Performance Indicators) objectives for success monitoring such as Google, GTmetrix, SEMrush, Sistrix, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, diib etc. UNAXYS. generate more revenue and efficiency for your Online Business.

Web Hosting

UNAXYS. offers Shared, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Webhosting with 24/7/365 Customer Support.

Maintenance & Support

UNAXYS. is also there for you, when your website is ready and online. Competent support and maintenance is very important so that your website works reliably and is safe from hackers. UNAXYS. ensures the smooth functioning of your website


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